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Ornamental Plants: [Sowing, Types, Watering and Care]

Ornamental plants are those grown for purely decorative purposes in interiors and gardens, as well as in architectural and landscape design projects.

cultivo de azucenasIts importance lies mainly in improving our well-being and quality of life, enriching the environments in which we live.

Providing them with a pleasant aesthetic and can even be considered a  significant cultural contribution. .

Their importance is that the market for ornamental plants has increased considerably worldwide, and the international demand for certain species has expanded rapidly.

In horticulture, the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants represents  the second-largest segment  of the industry. As if this were not enough, the cultivation of ornamental plants also improves life on Earth.

So not only do they improve the aesthetics of our homes and offices, but they also  enrich the nutritional sustenance  of thousands of species and make the planet greener.

Ornamental Plants: [The 18 We Recommend]

Enhance the charm and elegance of your home, garden or office by growing one of the following varieties of ornamental plants. Take advantage of their many benefits and help create a greener planet at the same time.


semillas de lavanda para sembrarIt is a very resistant plant and  that requires a lot of light , although in winter it withstands frost well.

It adapts without problems to rocky areas and dry and clay soils and pots and planters.

In addition, it does not require much watering. Lavender adapts very well to the lack of moisture in the soil, thanks to its deep root system.


planta alcatrazIt requires a lot of light to bloom, but it is recommended that this is indirect. It adapts well to warm and cold climates, equally, although we must try not to be extreme, as it does not tolerate frost or exaggerated heat.

During its flowering period, watering should be abundant, although it can be reduced during autumn and winter.


PetuniaPetunia is one of the most popular flowers and one of the most recommended ornamental plants.

It blooms profusely, and there is a wide variety of petunias in different colors, including black.

It likes a lot of direct suns and requires frequent watering. In summer, preferably, watering should be done daily.

As for temperature, it prefers temperate areas protected from wind and rain. It responds best if fertilized during the growing season.


sembrar cameliasThe Camellia arrived in Europe more than 4 centuries ago, coming from the Asian continent.

Camellias are so faithful to the display of their beauty that their stems with intense green leaves are able to bloom even when the winter period is approaching.


helechoAnother of the ornamental plants that adapts very well to the garden or to the interior of the home.

It is fast-growing and reproduces very easily. It is important to keep its  leaves with ambient humidity  so that they do not dry out.

As for watering, they must be constant and abundant.

Palm trees

palmerasPalm trees are widely used in cities like Los Angeles or in Brazil. Palm trees grow in warm climates and are a very beautiful tree.

However, they have many enemies and we must be careful not to lose them.

Water lilies

NenúfaresIt is an aquatic plant (like water lilies) that beautifies any pond you have prepared for your garden.

Water lilies bloom at night, and at dawn, they close. The water lily needs shallow water, and thanks to its rhizome, it develops without problems.


coleosThey are perennial plants native to Asia and Africa. They grow in tropical areas, so they require a lot of humidity and water.

They can grow up to 1 meter tall, and the variety of colors of their leaves is spectacular.

They need a lot of sunlight and do not tolerate low temperatures (less than 12 degrees can be lethal).


sembrar verbenaIt is an ornamental plant that can also be used as an infusion and powder. They have health benefits, such as relieving headaches or promoting the absorption of food.

It is a herbaceous type plant, which grows in sandy, light, and well-drained soils. They usually form large clumps of verbena plants of different species and colors, which is very striking to the eye.

Japanese Maple

Arce, JaponesThe Japanese maple, as the name implies, is native to Japan and South Korea. It is a shrub-like species of maple, which can reach 10 meters in height.

The Japanese maple is shown in different forms in nature because the planting of a parent tree can generate differences in size and color traits of the leaves.


AzaleaThe azalea is a plant of Japanese origin and enormous beauty.

It is somewhat delicate, but knowing the soil and watering conditions needed to plant it and see it grow in your garden should not be a problem.

Passion flower

flor de la pasionPassionflower, passion fruit plant or Passion Flower (Passiflora caerulea), is a tropical climbing species of American origin.

But whose fame has spread impressively throughout the world for its spectacular fruit and the exotic flower that has it?

The flower can also be eaten hermaphrodite and solitary. It has great sedative medicinal powers and provides high caloric carbohydrates.

The Passiflora quadrangularis variety is one of the best known in Spain and the world. It produces passion fruit, edible fruit with an acid taste that can be up to 30 cm long.

Oxalis Triangularis or Butterfly Plant

sembrar Oxalis triangularisThe oxalis triangularis is a clover plant that grows very fast when given the right conditions.

On the other hand, it is more comfortable indoors, since it does not tolerate neither frost nor high temperatures.


CactusThe cactus is a type of tree widely used as an ornamental plant. This is due to its enormous resistance to drought, pests and diseases.

Besides, there are gorgeous cacti to decorate a garden.


cómo sembrar bambúBamboo, native to China, Japan or South Korea, is a tree that can also be considered as an ornamental.

It takes a long time to start growing, but when it does, its explosion is surprising, and in a short time, it reaches excellent sizes.

You should plant it during the spring and be patient. There are more than 1,000 species, so choose the one you like the most.


HortensiasHydrangeas are one of my favorites. They are beautiful. However, they require very moist soil and are not cold hardy. They also need partial shade.

It’s a bit delicate, but if you manage to plant and grow them in your garden, they are spectacular.


Plantas ornamentales Bougainvillea_spectabilisIt is a very beautiful evergreen climbing plant. It is also fast growing. However, the problem it has is that it tends to make a lot of dirt.

Therefore, we recommend that you consider planting it in a place where you don’t mind sleeping in winter (or don’t need it).


Here we have a leguminous plant. This annual shrub can reach up to 15 meters in length. Its flowers and grains can be purple, lavender, or white. Be careful because it is a plant that can cause strong allergies.


plantar azucenas en el huertoLilies are the 5th most sold plant worldwide. The reason? Because it is very pretty and adds beauty to any garden where it is planted.

Besides that, it is tolerant of most soils and does not need excessive sunlight (it prefers semi-shade).

Wisteria or Wisteria

%% Ornamental Plants: [Sowing, Types, Watering and Care] 3A hanging and climbing shrub. Can get really big. Takes time to flower if planted from seed. If done by cutting, it tends to do so more quickly.

It is a climbing plant whose flowers hang down and give an incredible purple color to any garden.


sembrar rododendroRhododendron is a plant native to Nepal and the Himalayas. Although it has also spread throughout the world as an ornamental plant.

Although beware of consuming its nectar or leaves, it is tremendously beautiful: they are very toxic to humans.


plantar begonias

Begonias is a genus that has fifteen hundred species, of which one hundred and fifty are marketed worldwide for their use in gardening and because they are ornamental plants.

Its name is Charles Plumier, a French botanical reference, wanted to pay homage to Michel Bégon, a governor of the former French colony in Haiti.

Begonias are flowers of unique color and dazzling beauty that, among other things, are used for love because the gift of a bouquet of begonias is proof of the feeling towards the person to whom it is given.

Queen’s earrings

Plagas y enfermedades de los pendientes de la reina FuchsiaThe queen’s earrings plant has been so named because of the structure of its flowers, which are elongated and hang from their stems.

These flowers can be seen in different colors, being Fuchsia and purple the most frequent. In some areas, it is known as Fuchsia, quivers, or princess prances.

It has the condition of being very showy and even more so if we take into account that it maintains its flowering structure until the beginning of winter.

Alexandria rose

Cuidados de la Rosa de AlejandríaThe Alexandria rose is a plant species with very attractive ornamental characteristics. It offers lush and wonderful pink flowers.

No doubt, having an Alexandria rose will add joy to any space in a garden, home, or office.

This beautiful rose does not require a lot of care, both in the garden and in pots.


Cuidados y características de la CalibrachoaThe Calibrachoa is a species of plant with a small size, but of great beauty that produces flowers of various colors, beautifying the place where it grows.

Because of its structure, many associate it with petunia. However, they are two completely different species.

Having it at home will be an absolute pleasure because it exerts a very striking ornamental effect, either hanging or by its creeping condition. In addition, it is capable of increasing in the wild.


¿Dónde debemos sembrar el Acebo?Holly is one of the most beautiful ornamental plants to have in the garden.

The contrast between its dark green leaves and the small bright red berries produced in winter make for a striking image.

In addition, the shape of the leaves breaks with the standard structure we know, and that adds an exceptional level.


¿Cuándo se debe cultivar la agrimonia?The agrimony is a plant that has been exalted in the agricultural world for its healing potential and for being decorative at the same time.

In addition, it is very grateful to those who try to grow it, since it does not require great efforts to have it ready every day.

Although it is known by a great variety of names worldwide, the name Agrimonia is the main one.

The Pomegranate Tree

Poda y Riego del GranadoThe pomegranate tree (Punica granatum) is a tree of warm climates that produces fruits of delicious flavor known as pomegranates.

Its size is small, and it is pretty bushy in its structure of branches and leaves, which makes it an exciting option; it is also considered an ornamental tree.

The Canna Indica

%% Ornamental Plants: [Sowing, Types, Watering and Care] 4canna indica

?» width=»300″ height=»198″ />The Canna Indica is an edible and very beautiful plant, which is why it is used in an ornamental way.

Its origin is in the American continent, and it is of tropical origin. Nevertheless, the climatic conditions and of ground that we have in Spain have favored its cultivation.

It is a type of plant of small size, which has enormous leaves and flowers and vivid colors. In the case of the leaves, bright green is what prevails, while the flowers vary from red to yellow.

Washingtonia Robusta

Puntos importantes a la hora de sembrar una Washingtonia robustaThe Washingtonia Robusta (known as Mexican palm) is a palm-shaped plant that grows very well in warm regions.

Its large size allows it to enjoy a good shade at its feet, so it is often used in some areas near the sea.

It has a fast development, even from the fruiting of the seed, which makes it a pretty easy species to work with.

Viburnum Opulus

Plantas ornamentales Viburnum OpulusThe Viburnum Opulus is one of the species with the highest ornamental value due to the structure produced by its snowball-shaped flowers.

Being a shrub, its height occupies a maximum of 5 meters, while the width does not go beyond 4 meters, which makes it an ideal choice for your garden.

The Viburnum Opulus belongs to a large family of plants whose most interesting feature lies in its flowers. Because of the structure they produce, the Viburnum Opulus is also known as a snowball.

Domestic nandina

Qué es la nandina domésticaThe domestic nandina is an ornamental plant that has an average size between 1 and 2 meters.[/su_note].

In some places, it is known as sacred bamboo. It has leaves of peculiar colors and, as its primary name indicates, we can have it inside the house.

The domestic nandina is a species of the Berberidaceae family that has its origin in the Asian continent. One of its main characteristics revolves around its leaves, which go through three color phases during their development.


Flor margarita violetaDaisy is a perennial and hybrid flower. It can also be considered an ornamental and fast-growing plant. Gardeners often use it when they are beginners because it is easy to cultivate and grow.

Daisies are usually white but can also be found in shades of yellow and purple, with a wide variety of petals surrounding the traditional yellow eye.

Some smaller varieties can grace the front parts of gardens, while others feature strong, attractive clumps of foliage that provide a backdrop for other flowering perennials in the garden.

Germanic Iris or blue iris

lirio azulThe Germanic Iris or Blue Iris, is a herbaceous plant of very high resistance that belongs to the family of the Iridaceae.

It is a typical species of central Europe. It is also known by the names of common iris, purple iris, purple iris, blue iris or Easter iris.

When do we grow it? It should be done in late spring and early fall. It does not require exceptional soil. It is satisfied with fertile soils, well-drained and neutral pH. It can also be considered an ornamental plant.


¿Cuándo florece la Forsitia?Forsythia, Forsythia or Chinese bellflower is a genus of deciduous shrubby plant, native to the Asian continent that has at least one variety from southeastern Europe.

At least 11 official shrubby species reach about 1 to 3 meters in maximum height, characterized by a remarkable early flowering in early spring.

The flowers of this ornamental plant are very yellow. They have a prominent lobed corolla, with petals growing only at the base.

They are trendy in urban gardens and parks, especially Forsythia x intermedia and Forsythia suspensa.


Dónde plantar agapantosThe agapanthus is an ornamental plant that develops beautiful inflorescences covered with white or blue flowers.

It is a lovely flower because the flowers are arranged in a balloon-shaped umbel. They produce a large number of flowers.

That is, the flowers are not presented individually throughout the structure but grouped within the stems that grow and protrude from the plant.

This condition makes them prevail over other species when deciding to plant a beautiful plant that requires little care.

Bear Garlic

Cómo sembrar ajo de osoVery few vegetables are truly shade tolerant and as productive, versatile and useful as bear garlic (Allium ursinum), also known ramps or ramson.

Allium ursinum is a bulbous, perennial, herbaceous monocot that reproduces primarily by seed.

The tiny bulbs are formed from the base of a single leaf and produce bright green, elliptic, entire leaves up to 25 cm long x 7 cm wide with a petiole up to 20 cm long.


Cómo preparar la tierra para el cultivo de crocusThe crocus is a plant species that offers an abundant flowering, in very showy colors. However, it is a rather small plant.

This condition leads to the ornamental designs in the garden being based on several specimens together so that when flowering causes a significant impact.

It is a plant that is worked by sowing using bulbs and has specific conditions of development, but not difficult to fulfill.

The Jacaranda tree

Cómo sembrar un árbol de JacarandáThis lovely tree usually occupies the width of a front yard and is covered with beautiful lavender-purple flowers each spring.

Jacaranda mimosifolia is a subtropical tree native to south-central South America that has been widely planted elsewhere for its attractive, long-lasting purple and white flowers.

It is also known as jacaranda, blue jacaranda, black poui, or fern tree. Older sources call it Jacaranda acutifolia, but today it is usually classified as Jacaranda mimosifolia.

In scientific usage, the name «jacaranda» refers to the genus Jacaranda, with many other members. Still, in horticultural and everyday use, it almost always refers to the blue jacaranda.


Cómo sembrar Acacias en nuestro jardínAcacia, composes a large genus of shrubs and trees in the subfamily Mimosoideae of the pea family Fabaceae.

It originally comprised a group of plant species native to Africa and Australasia but has now been restricted to only Australasian species.

Acacias are interesting simply for their shape and ornamental leaves, but they are also widely used as a foodstuff and for their timber.

Acacia wood is sometimes used for flooring. The oils from the tree have been used as flavoring agents in chewing gum, mints, beverages, and frozen desserts. Acacia gum arabic is used to make glue and medicines.

Lotus Flower

Cuidados de la flor de lotoThe lotus is a perennial flowering plant native to the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Guinea.

It is an aquatic plant found in nature in freshwater bodies. The plant is sacred lotus, Indian lotus, Chinese water lily, and Egyptian bean.

The botanical name of the lotus is Nelumbo nucifera; the plant belongs to the family Nelumbonaceae. Nelumbo is the only genus in the family Nelumbonaceae.

Importance of ornamental plants

Among some of  the multiple benefits  provided by ornamental plants we can mention:

The visual attractiveness of ornamental plants.

sembrar flores (1)Ornamental plants are pleasing to the eye and add elegance to our spaces. And just as some species provide us with quietness and relaxation, others also provide shade, protection and protect our privacy.

Ornamental Flowers are Air Purifiers

Ornamental plants act as natural filters and purify the air during photosynthesis. Higher oxygen content contributes to better health.

Prevent soil erosion

Many trees and ornamental plants can help prevent erosion because their roots extend deep into the soil, providing deeper layers.

Ornamental plants enrich our spaces

Ornamental plants attract pollinating agents such as insects, birds, and many other animals. These visitors become regular visitors and bring life to our gardens.

Improve concentration

sembrar flores 1There are many studies that suggest that having plants inside homes, offices and schools  help improve memory and concentration , which translates directly into  greater productivity. .

Reduce stress

Similarly, plants are an excellent way to reduce anxiety and stress levels, promoting calmness and increasing efficiency and performance.

Increase happiness and a sense of well-being

Very few things make us feel as satisfied as living in a beautiful space filled with vast vegetation. Likewise, when we engage in physical exercise or recreational activities surrounded by nature, our sense of well-being intensifies.

Some ornamental plants serve as food and health remedies.

Another advantage of having ornamental plants at home is that some of them are also edible. Likewise, many contain medicinal properties for a wide variety of ailments.

Main care of ornamental plants

Ornamental plants require certain conditions for their correct development. These, of course, may vary depending on the species, so we must take them into account if we want our plant to feel comfortable and grow healthy and strong.

Light requirements of these decorative plants

sembrar100_06The absence of light is one of the most common reasons why ornamental plants may die.

Before acquiring any plant,  we must know what their light requirements are , as there are some that demand long and constant sun baths, while others prefer to stay in the shade.

If you have indoor plants, which do not require much direct light, it is best to place them near a window. Preferably,  filter the natural light through a curtain ; this will allow them to receive all the intensity of the light and its heat, but without overdoing it.

Suppose you see that your plant begins to elongate abnormally, as if looking for the nearest source of natural light, or you notice that its leaves are falling or turning yellow. In that case, it means that you should place it in a more illuminated place.

Suppose the sunlight is very intense in your garden. In that case, you can place screens to generate shade and add to the soil a little leaf litter or worm castings to maintain soil moisture for a more extended period. This will keep your plants well hydrated during the hottest days.

Water needs of ornamental flowers

sembrar100_02You need to ensure good soil drainage to avoid waterlogging, as some species can suffer from root asphyxia and are more prone to disease.

On the other hand, you will find that particular species – mainly indoor species – can be more drought tolerant. It is essential to thoroughly research c the water requirements  of each species so that you can define an efficient watering schedule.

In general, make sure that the soil is always kept moist in its surface layers, trying not to make puddles when watering. It can be every third day or a couple of times a week, depending on the climatic conditions in your region. If you grow in pots, make sure they also have a sound drainage system.


hortensias flores bonitasIn the case of indoor ornamental plants, remember that they are less sensitive to the passing of the seasons.

Drafts and sudden temperature changes can be a problem for your plants. Although it may vary, depending on the species, the idea is to maintain a home environment between 18 and 25 ºC.

A well as to avoid placing them near radiators, fans of artificial climates. If temperatures are higher, you should increase the frequency of watering. Likewise, avoid drafts, as these contribute to leaf fall.

Environmental humidity of ornamental plants

All ornamental plants require  a certain degree of humidity  in the environment. If the leaf tips of your houseplants feel dry, you can spray a little water to refresh their leaves or wipe them with a damp cloth, avoiding touching the flowers.


To avoid accidents, make sure that your ornamental plants  do not obstruct the passage of people  or are well protected from the usual traffic in the space.

Also, remember to take care of the space needs of your plant. Sometimes, when they grow, they require transplanting to pots or larger spaces. Otherwise, they tend to become entangled and compete for the necessary nutrients, which stresses them and can lead to death.


sembrar100_01Another factor you should take into account is the substrate your ornamental plants feed on. Consider the nutritional needs according to the species and fertilize if you consider it necessary.

In soil, it is advisable to choose  soils rich in organic matter . In addition, it is necessary to add materia orgánica casera como el compost constantly to ensure that the plant absorbs nutrients properly and stays healthy.

Pruning and other care of ornamentals

To keep seasonal ornamental plants in bloom throughout the season, it is recommended to eliminate those flowers that have already faded to allow the plant to bloom again. On the other hand, to prevent diseases and parasites, you can spray them once a month with Neem oil.

How are ornamental plants planted?

plantas ornamentalesDepending on what you want to grow, you can plant your ornamental plants from seed or by healthy seedlings. Find out the particularities of each crop to know the most suitable date to do it.

Similarly, many herbs are easily propagated by cuttings. The best time to start cuttings is between August and September, so they will be ready for transplanting at the beginning of the following year.

All of the plants mentioned above have the particularity that they can be planted directly in the garden or pots.

Where can I buy these ornamental plants?

As always, if you have access to a nursery near you, this is the option we recommend. This is because you will probably see the plants with your own eyes and be advised by a professional about their care, planting, or transplanting.

In any case, we can also recommend you to buy the seeds or plants on Amazon.  Here we show you some options:

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